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Natchez Stone Materials is a  supplier of high quality natural stones, soil, sand, gravel, and mulch used for personal and commercial landscaping, construction, paving, and custom home building. Located in the Nashville Tennessee, Natchez Stone Materials offers a wide variety of building materials at the most competitive prices. We serve all of the Middle Tennessee area and we offer both delivery and installation on any size project. With over 10 years of experience, let Natchez Stone Materials be your first stop for all your building material needs!

If interested in ordering materials for your custom build, click here to visit our online store, or contact us at (615) 646-2422.

List Of Our Products

#3 Rebar Grade 40
#4 Rebar Grade 60
12" Blocks
4" Blocks
6" Blocks
8" Blocks
AL 1/4" Gravel
AL 3/4" Gravel
Black Granite 3/8"
Blend Top Soil Mix
Brown Course Sand
Brown Fine Sand
Buff Mortar
Bulk Bags
Chapel Hill Grit
Crush N Run
Dirt or Stone Mix
Dump Trucks
Fire Brick 1"
Fire Brick 2.25"
Flat Bed with Fork Lift
Granite Cobbles
Hardwood Black
Hardwood Brown
Horse Manure & Pine Shavings
IN Limestone 2.25" Full Color Slabs
IN Limestone 3" Full Color Slab
IN Limestone 4" Color Slab
IN Limestone 6" Full Color Slab
Jumbo Cobbles 6x6x12 +/- (Brown/Gray)
KY Gravel 1/4"
KY Gravel 2"-4"
KY Gravel 3/4"
Limestone 1/4" Down (Pug) – Fines
Limestone 3/4"
Limestone Cap
Limestone Cap. 33 X 33
Mexican Beach Pebbles
Mushroom Compost
Natural TN River Gravel-mix sizes
PA Bluestone Full Color 1' X 1'
PA Flagstone 1.5" Ashlar Pattern Full Color
PA Flagstone 1.5"-2.5" Stand-up Irregular Full Color
PA Flagstone 1" Ashlar Pattern Full Color
Pallet Charge
Pine Bark
Portland Mortar
Quarry Stack - Thin, Med & Lg (Brown & Grey)
Quarry Stack-Thin, Med & Lg (Brown & Grey)
Salt and Pepper Granite 3/8"
Sand Bags
TN 1 + 2 Man Boulders
TN 1/4" Pea Gravel
TN 3/4" Gravel

TN Blue Gray
TN Fieldstone Ashlar
TN Fieldstone Boulders
TN Fieldstone Large 3.5-5"
TN Fieldstone Medium Regular 2.5-3.5" Dinner Plate
TN Fieldstone Medium Stack
TN Fieldstone Steppers 5"-8"
TN Fieldstone Thick Stack 5"-8"
TN Fieldstone Thin
TN Fieldstone Thin Regular >2.25" Dinner Plate Size
TN Fieldstone Thin Stack >2.25" Hand Size
TN Flagstone Ashlar Pattern 1"-1.5" Brown/Gray
TN Flagstone Cobblestone 4"x4"x8" +/-
TN Flagstone Heavy 1 3/4-2 1/2" Bluegrey
TN Flagstone Heavy 1 3/4"-2 1/2" Brown Variegated
TN Flagstone Irregular Quarry Stack
TN Flagstone Irregular Slabs 2.5-3" Brown (Variegated)
TN Flagstone Irregular Slabs 5-7" Brown (Variegated)
TN Flagstone Regular 1-1 3/4' Brown Variegated
TN Flagstone Regular 1-1 3/4" Bluegrey
TN Flagstone Rubble Strip 3"-6" Varigated
TN Flagstone Slabs 1-2" Bluegrey (Variegated)
TN Flagstone Slabs 2.5-3" Bluegrey (Variegated)
TN Flagstone Slabs 5-7" Bluegrey (Variegated)
TN Flagstone Stepping Stones 18"x18"
TN Flagstone Stepping Stones 24"x24"
TN Flagstone Thin 1" and under Bluegrey
TN Flagstone Thin 1" and under Brown Variegated
TN Flagstone Treads 2.5" thick-Brown (Variegated)/Bluegrey
TN Flagstone Treads 5-7" Thick-Brown (Variegated)/Bluegrey
TN Flagstone Webb Wall 3"-4"
TN Garden Boulders
TN Limestone Blue w/ Grey
TN Limestone Boulders with Moss
TN Limestone Fieldstone Large
TN Limestone Fieldstone Medium
TN Limestone Fieldstone Mixed Sizes Thin-Large
TN Limestone Foundation Stone
TN Limestone Grey Broken
TN Limestone Platinum Broken
TN River Rock Boulders 100-1500 lbs
TN River Rock Creek Mix
TN River Rock Flats Large 8-16"
TN River Rock Flats Medium 4-10"
TN River Rock Flats Small 2-3"
TN River Rock Large 11-16" (Bulk)
TN River Rock Medium 4-10" (Bulk)
TN River Rock Rounds Large 8-16"
TN River Rock Rounds Medium 4-10"
TN River Rock Rounds Small 2-3"
TN River Rock Small 2-4" (Bulk)
TN River Slicks (1"-4")
TN Super Steppers Boulders
Type S Mortar
White Fine Sand

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